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Environmental policy

Plants of Elcograf are also certified according to the international ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System.

Making the workplace safe and without risking the health of their employees is one of Mondadori's aims and proud achievements. Arrangements for implementing the health and safety measures identified as being necessary by environmental policy are being constantly updated and followed.
Every year, the Company shall issue a General policy of the group which includes specific chapters dedicated to the environment and safety. A confirmation of this policy, there is also an organization composed of structures aimed at environmental protection and workplace safety, with professionally trained men, such a:

  • A technical service with the duty of:

    • Health and test lab at the plant control exposure to bacterial substance, which may damage the health of the employees;

    • A Technical lab is set up for monitoring the air quality in the workplace and liquid waste discharge is chemically tested;

  • Staff are trained in emergency procedures to provide adequate first aid facilities in case of accidents and ensure that appropriate safety measures are maintained in case of fire;

  • Making sure that the workplace satisfies safety and welfare requirements is handled by a team trained in planning safety issues;

  • Consultation with local environmental agencies is set up and followed regularly;

  • Waste products are moved, stored and used safely.