Health Encyclopaedia

SIZE _ x _ cm
PAGES over 9.000
ILLUSTRATIONS 4.500 color comprising photos, charts and drawings
BINDING hardcover with jacket
MATERIALS coated paper
WORDS OF TEXT 10,000 alphabetical entries

The Health Encyclopaedia is an innovative source of information, specially devised to meet the needs of today's families, as well as of adults in general.

The aim of this encyclopaedia is not only to make readers aware of medical terms but also to encourage them to broaden their knowledge of the medical field, turning it into an asset to their own healthy living. Likewise, knowing what type of nutrition is recommended during certain phases of life, or what type of exercise can alleviate a given pain or discomfort, is essential. In the 10.000 alphabetical entries you will find 1000 diseases commonly known only to experts, 2.000 terms, frequently held to be "difficult" , which require simple explanation, over 600 laboratory tests.

Scientific rigour is decisive in a work dedicated to such an important topic as health. An authoritative Scientific Committee, made up of specialists from all medical branches, has followed The Health Encyclopaedia from the outset. The specialists work in hospitals at first hand, and teach in the best Italian universities.